Monday, August 13, 2012

Never Give Up - Ice Age

I think many people have seen ICE AGE movies, My favourite character is SCART , Because he never give up. He looks like funny but he is THE inspirational. He always tries to get his NUT(S),but fails then he try over again and again. He is my inspirational too...
                         But in fact, he is greed too..

SCART teaches to us many lesson silently.

At finally, Don't give up and Don't greedy.
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    1. wow, nice blog i've always love health tips blog..
      thanks for your comment...

    2. This blog post is very encouraging! Never Give Up, is fantastic and really makes you think. Just like the picture says, before you give up think of the reason why you help on for so long. It is so interetsing the lessons that we can learn just from movies like Ice Age.

    3. thanks for your encouraging marie...