Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A life without friends is nothing.

A life without friends = '         '   (nothing)
                      There are many quotes,stories about friendship like that.. but we have to feel it.. when i have read something related about Friends or Friendships, suddenly all of my friends are running to my minds and then thinking back some good memories..

I read one short stories today about Friendships.. so, i would like to share to you(those who read this)

                                      "The Ant And The Pigeon"

                                         Once upon a time,there lived an ant. He was always walking all over the forest. He had many friends,among them was a pigeon.
                                         One day,the ant was sitting on a branch of a tree. The tree was by a river. He slipped and fell into river. The ant did not know how to swim. He could not do anything as he had become wet. He splashed around in the water,shouting in panic, "HELP!HELP!" But nobody heard him.
                                          "Oh, this is the end of me. No one can save me now" thought the ant. Just then, the pigeon,who was the ant's friend,saw him. "The poor ant! he is drowning. I must save him", thought the pigeon. She got hold of a large leaf and carried it to the spot, where the ant was dropped it.
                                          The ant got on to the leaf and safely back to the land. soon he was dry and he could walk again."Thank you so much, dear friend. You have save my life",said the ant,gratefully
                                          Many days went by, the ant was happy again.The Pigeon too went about doing her daily chores. One day, a hunter came to the forest. He saw the pigeon and decided to shoot it down. As the hunter aimed at the pigeon with his arrow, the ant saw the hunter."He is trying to kill the pigeon.I will save her", thought the ant.
                                          The ant walked towards the hunter and bit him. He screamed and dropped his bow and arrow."Aaouch! I am hurt,"  he yelled.
                                          The ant was happy to have saved the pigeon's life. The Pigeon saw the hunter with the bow and arrow and knew the ant had bitten him. She was glad to have a good friend.


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  1. Such a sweet blog post. Friendship is so very valuable. I know that I would not have been able to make it through some very hard times in my life without my bestie! Great Blog!

    1. yeah i accept your words.. "Friendship is so valuable"
      thanks for your great comment marie.. :)

  2. What an unlikely friendship for an ant and a pigeon to be friends. I can relate I have friends I thought would be unlikely. Great Post

  3. it's really awesome..

  4. This is very different. It wasn't what I expected. Quite a nice surprise really. Good graphics.

    (I give this post a rating of 3 out of 5 stars)

    Regards Ray